Jewish Heritage Fund

Our Story

At the turn of the 20th century a group of Jewish citizens in Louisville, KY dreamed of a healthcare home where all were welcome and could receive care, regardless of race, religion, or ability to pay. In 1903, Jewish Hospital was founded to meet the needs of the entire community and to allow Jewish physicians to freely practice their faith. The hospital quickly became recognized for its sense of inclusivity as well as excellence in care. 

Over the years the hospital’s vision flourished through a partnership with the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Investments in a wide range of medical research put Jewish Hospital on the map of nationally recognized institutions for improving healthcare in the state and contributing significant medical firsts to the region, country, and world.

Today, the Jewish Heritage Fund (JHF) exists to build on the vision and dreams of the hospital’s original founders. Established in 2012 with proceeds from the sale of the hospital, we are a grantmaking organization which has invested over $93 million in more than 110 not-for-profit organizations to improve the health of our community, advance world-class medical research, and foster a strong, vibrant Jewish community in our city and around the state of Kentucky.