Community Health Grants

The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence (JHFE) seeks to fund organizations and programs that support our vision of Louisville as a city whose youth are mentally and physically healthy, thriving, and fully engaged in community.

Not only does adolescence provide a unique opportunity to build upon childhood growth and development, ensuring those with a healthy start continue to a healthy adulthood, but it also offers a second chance for positive intervention, breaking cycles of abuse, poverty, and poor health. JHFE is committed to investing in this critical phase of life, because we believe promoting adolescent health now will provide health, economic, and social benefits to the Louisville community for years to come.

JHFE celebrates the promise of youth and seeks to work with partners to shift the prevailing narrative of adolescence as a time of risk to one of opportunity. Central to JHFE’s approach is the belief that adversity can be overcome, and that helping children build resilience and develop protective factors leads to positive outcomes.

Funding focus areas:

Program support: Adolescents have equitable access to a variety of high-quality, effective programs to improve mental, physical, social, and emotional wellness.

  • Project or program should serve youth any age between 9-19
  • Applicant should demonstrate that adolescents and/or families are actively engaged in decision-making
  • Applicant should demonstrate how the project positively impacts the mental, physical, or social-emotional health of youth
  • Programs should be evidence-informed

Organization support: Local youth-serving organizations partner with adolescents and families to deliver highly effective youth programs and work collaboratively to identify and address unmet need.

  • Support may be for any of the following activities:

    • Evaluation of programs, initiatives, implementation, or research to develop outcome measures
    • Research to identify unmet community need
    • Use of predictive analytics to develop or enhance effective interventions
    • Training for families, guardians, teachers, youth workers, or health providers

2020 Grant Request Timeline:

JHFE accepts letters of intent February 1 – February 29, 2020
Full application period (invitation only) June 1 – June 30, 2020
JHFE reviews full applications July 1 – September 30, 2020
Grant recipients notified November 2020

Interested in submitting a letter of intent? Review the guidelines.

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For additional information, contact Tiffany Fabing, JHFE Program Director.