Jewish Heritage Fund


JHF envisions Louisville as a city whose youth are mentally and physically healthy, thriving, and fully engaged in community.

Our health funding is currently focused on supporting organizations and programs that promote adolescent health and wellness. Adolescence is a period of growth and change that is an opportunity for positive intervention with the potential to impact one’s adult outcomes. In other words, healthy adolescence is the foundation for healthy adulthood. Despite a growing awareness that this is a critical stage of human development, relatively few resources flow to adolescence when compared to infancy and early childhood. 

JHF is interested in partnering with nonprofit organizations to ensure adolescents have equitable access to health supports and high-quality, evidence-informed programs. As a funding partner, we support organizations to improve their effectiveness through capacity-building, research, and evaluation. We are particularly interested in funding organizations to:

  • Collaborate to eliminate gaps in services
  • Work in partnership with youth and amplify the voices of young people
  • Evaluate programs, initiatives, and organizational effectiveness
  • Provide evidence-informed programs that are innovative and culturally relevant
  • Introduce promising practices through pilot programs

Funding Application Process

JHF’s funding opportunities are by invitation based on staff review of a proposal summary and subsequent conversations. All proposals are reviewed by JHF staff to determine if they fit our current priorities. If your proposal seems to be a good fit, we will contact you regarding next steps.

JHF is currently accepting proposals. Please email a completed Proposal Summary Form to We will invite applications on a rolling basis from January 15 – October 31, 2024. Organizations whose proposals are approved will be invited to submit an application, of which a read-only version can be found here.

Have a project idea or want to learn more? Contact Tiffany Fabing to schedule a meeting.

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