Medical Research Grants

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Dr. Michael Hughes (left) and Dr. Whitney Jones (right) with George Hatfield, one of 24 patients to receive a live-saving procedure for chronic pancreatitis, funded by JHFE.

The JHFE Medical/Health Grants program primarily supports translational research and innovation broadly anchored in health care. Proposals for research that contributes to an understanding of disease mechanisms and/or that facilitates the translation of findings from basic science to practical applications are welcome. JHFE is particularly interested in funding research in the areas of cardiovascular health, neurological rehabilitation, cancer, and public health.

Applicants seeking funding for medical/health research projects should submit a one-page letter of intent online by the deadline specified below. The JHFE Grants Committee will review the letters and select ideas that they wish to see developed into full proposals. Letters of intent and subsequent proposals will be accepted in electronic format only.

A significant portion of the JHFE endowment funds were the result of the merger involving Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare that resulted in the establishment of KentuckyOne Health; therefore, any request that would directly compete with services provided by KentuckyOne Health will not be considered without prior approval.

Only tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible to apply. Individuals are not eligible. JHFE does not fund clinical trials, direct payments for medical care, direct payments for pharmaceuticals, salary support for principal investigators, or indirect costs.


For additional information or specific questions regarding a potential grant request, contact Tiffany Fabing at: