Medical Research Grants

PC 9-30-15 001
Dr. Michael Hughes (left) and Dr. Whitney Jones (right) with George Hatfield, one of 24 patients to receive a live-saving procedure for chronic pancreatitis, funded by JHFE.

Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence is partnering with the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center to advance biomedical research in Louisville, Kentucky. Given that funding from the National Institutes of Health is essential to maintaining a critical mass of research infrastructure and investigators with diverse skills in our community, we have identified two key outcome areas for medical research funding at the University of Louisville: attracting external funding and recruiting new talent in the field of biomedical research. With these outcomes in mind, we look forward to working with the University to support research enhancement grants, startup funds for new research scientists, and support for new instrumentation.

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For additional information, please contact Tiffany Fabing, JHFE Program Director.