Capacity Building Grants

Capacity building is funding and technical assistance to help nonprofits increase
specific capacities to deliver stronger programs, take risks, build connections and innovate.
-Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Creating sustainability within the Jewish community is one of JHFE’s strategic funding priorities. This year, JHFE is piloting a capacity building initiative as part of the Jewish Community Excellence Grants program. These grants differ from JHFE Excellence Grants in that they are intended to address specific organizational needs, rather than programmatic support. This will help organizations achieve more effective and efficient use of their own financial and human resources, and enhance service and program delivery.

Proposals for capacity building grants will be accepted through a competitive RFP process. Currently, capacity building grants are only available to Louisville-based Jewish non-profit organizations with designated tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

The deadline for proposal submissions is April 1, 2016. For additional information, see the materials below or call (502) 365-3209.
Capacity Building Overview
Capacity Building FAQs
Capacity Building RFP