Grants Process

1. Review Funding Priorities

Ensure your request aligns to our Jewish Life, Community Health or Medical Research funding priorities.

2. Speak to a Program Officer

Before completing an application, we’d like to discuss your funding request. Contact Tiffany Fabing for Community Health and Medical Research grants, and Jaime Schwartz for Jewish Life grants.

3. Complete an Application

Applications are accepted during the following periods. Note that new users to our grants portal will first need to register.

  • Jewish Life Application: March 1 – 19, 2021

  • Community Health Application: Invite only

  • Medical Research Application: Invite only

4. Application Review & Funding Decision

Applications are reviewed by both a grants committee and the JHFE board of trustees. We’ll notify you of a funding decision up to 12 weeks after the close of the application period.

5. Sign Grant Agreement

If your grant is funded, we’ll email a grant agreement for signature. It will include details regarding expectations of spend, evaluation and impact reporting, and note other information required to issue payment.

6. Grant Period

Your organization’s project or program is carried out during the grant period.

7. Complete Impact Report

Grantees are required to complete 6-month and 12-month impact reports for all grants funded by JHFE. Specific reporting requirements will be outlined in the grant agreement. We’ll provide an impact report to be completed by the organization based on the dates indicated in the agreement.